Studio Custom Order

The price of a custom Rockfoot Studio pedalboard starts at $360.00 for a 24" board, which includes four 1/4" flush mounted jacks, four internal jacks, lighted power switch and one internal power outlet. This is the starting price and will increase or decrease based on the options you choose.

To order your custom Studio pedalboard, start by filling out the form below. If you select Other in any of the options, be sure to give details in the Special Instructions field and if necessary, you can attach a drawing of exactly what you want. Once I review your order, I will contact you with any questions I have and give you the final price including shipping and sales tax (if applicable). If everything sounds good to you, I'll send you a PayPal invoice and begin work on your boad once the invoice is paid. You do not need a PayPal account to pay your PayPaly invoice.

I'm looking forward to working with you on your new Rockfoot Studio pedalboard. If you have any questions before ordering your new board, you may contact me at

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Pedalboard Size * The Pedalboard Size refers to the actual size of the Velcro surface.  Overall size will be slightly larger. If you want a pedalboard other than the standard 15" deep, please specify in the Special Instructions field.
Number of 1/4" Jacks * The number of jacks you select refers to a set, one on top of the board and one inside.  So, ordering 4 jacks would really mean 8 total.
Location of 1/4" Jacks *
Number of power outlets * Power outlets are installed in the center of the board about 3" apart to allow for large wall warts.  If you prefer a different spacing or location, please specify in the Special Instructions field below.
Patch Cable
Location of IEC Socket * The standard location for the IEC socket (for the power cord) is on the side of the board either on the left or the right.  By default, I will install the power switch on top of the board, on the same side as the socket.  If you want something different, please specify in the Special Instructions field below.
Top *
Piping Add piping around the velcro top.  Not available with the hinged top.
Primary Tolex Choose the primary color of your Tolex.  If you want something that is not listed, choose Other and specify below.
Secondary Tolex (+ $15) The first Tolex color is included, additional colors for stripes or accents are an additional $15 each.
If you choose a secondary tolex color, please specify below how you would like the secondary color applied.

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