Rockfoot Basic Pedalboard

The Basic model was designed for those looking for a simple custom pedalboard without all the bells and whistles and an affordable price.  It's a fixed Velcro top board available in hardwood or tolex.   Think Pedaltain concept, a wedge shaped board with plenty of room underneath for a power supply.


Fixed Top - The Basic model comes with a fixed 3/4" Baltic Birch top with plenty of room underneath to mount your power supply.  The top can be laminated with a high quality ABS plastic, or covered with a velcro fabric.  A solid hardwood top is also available.

Slotted Top -   The top is also slotted so that you can easily run all your cables under the board creating a much cleaner look.  With your custom order, you specify the number of slots and their position at no extra cost.

Hardwood or Tolex - The Basic pedalboard is available with either a sturdy 3/4" hardwood frame or 3/4" plywood frame covered with a variaty of tolex options.   With your custom order, you can choose from several different hardwood species or tolex colors and textures.  The Basic model does have a slight upcharge for hardwood. 

Optional Power - For a small upcharge, you can add a standard IEC power socket mounted to the side of the pedalboard with a hardwired IEC patch cable inside for your power supply.


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Available Hardwoods

Hardwood is subject to availability and prices may vary depending on current market price.


Available Tolex