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The Basic model was designed for those looking for a simple custom pedalboard without all the bells and whistles and an affordable price.  It's a fixed Velcro top board available in hardwood or tolex.  Think Pedaltain concept, a wedge shaped board with plenty of room underneath for a power supply.



Snakeskin Tour         

The Tour model was designed for the gigging musician.  With its integrated lid, it's made for quick setup and break down.  Simply unplug your amp cables from the top of the board, attache the lid, and your ready to go.  With the lid attached, all jacks, the power switch and power inlet are protected inside the case. And with the industial strengh Velcro brand hook and loop, your pedals stay safely in place during transit. 

Whether you're on the road, or just going to a gig down the street, the Tour model will keep your expensive pedals safe and your setup will be fast and easy. 




Studio Model

The Studio model was designed to showcase your pedal collection. It's a powered board that features a hardwood frame, four 1/4" flush mounted jacks for connections to your amp as well as four internal jacks for your pedals and an internal power outlet for your power supply or power strip.  

The Rockfoot Studio is an elegant boutique board for your home studio or practice room that is sure to catch everyone's eye.